Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Surface 1

Up to September 29, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.6463 days David Clemens3410 days Rayan I.4064 days
David Clemens5014 days Bryan B.3273 days Bryan B.3625 days
Leonardo Santos5010 days Ryan W.2548 days Marc Rützou3428 days
Rayan I.4805 days Rayan I.2472 days David Clemens2017 days
Ryan Lockwood3935 days Marc Rützou2149 days Philip Bezgoubov2002 days
Marc Rützou3722 days Gus Riolo1436 days Gus Riolo1347 days
Luke Szklarz3187 days Carl-Magnus Wall1126 days Carl-Magnus Wall1098 days
Ryan W.2917 days Sterling Neblett957 days Sterling Neblett1015 days
Karl Jobst2908 days Dan Cervone804 days Daniel Coelho878 days
Ilari Pekkala2844 days Wouter Jansen706 days Dan Cervone805 days
Jimmy Bauer2738 days Philip Bezgoubov672 days Wouter Jansen699 days
Randy Buikema2568 days Luke Szklarz661 days Ryan W.514 days
Philip Bezgoubov2358 days Daniel Coelho532 days Karl Jobst513 days
Wouter Jansen2267 days Karl Jobst524 days Ilari Pekkala442 days
Daniel Coelho2259 days Steven Zwartjes454 days Brent McGarvey407 days
Henrik Norgren2257 days Ilari Pekkala446 days Joris Quevedo262 days
Jim Barrett2204 days Wes McKinney373 days Oscar Pleininger248 days
Alex Carvalho2050 days Aaron Morgan224 days Jimmy Bauer224 days
Gus Riolo2018 days Jimmy Bauer223 days Graham Morris217 days
Ryan Koch2017 days Randy Buikema99 days Randy Buikema85 days
Carl-Magnus Wall1856 days Ben Gorman79 days Ben Gorman79 days
Justin St-Pierre1846 days Eise S.79 days Garrett Sellati39 days
Aaron Morgan1810 days Garrett Sellati48 days Tim Greneby14 days
Daniel Dickens1739 days Tim Greneby14 days Wes McKinney9 days
Rich Noe1631 days Chris Rayola4 days Chris Rayola2 days
Dan Parker1487 days
Ryan Gibbs1467 days
Sakuya A1359 days
Vitor Miranda1252 days
Sam Rodrigues1251 days
Matthew Burden1235 days
Tyler Deel1221 days
Oscar Pleininger1135 days
Jonathan Hotinski1032 days
Jonathan Hauptman979 days
Brent McGarvey840 days
Austin H777 days
Eise S.749 days
Joris Quevedo720 days
Mike Mckelvey712 days
Tim Greneby692 days
Mike Mint690 days
Jeff Martin624 days
Adam V.617 days
Irie Butler604 days
Andrew Wash601 days
Garrett Sellati599 days
Peter Osterland596 days
Timmy Johansson593 days
Jakob Birkenes549 days
Ben Gorman541 days
Matthijs ten Ham540 days
Zach Mulac524 days
Troy Noojin519 days
Greg Lavery501 days
David Jones500 days
Chris Leon488 days
Patrick Laakso454 days
Patrick Wessels454 days
Dirk Olson451 days
Dan Cervone411 days
Graham Morris377 days
Chris Rayola370 days
Charlie Yeudall346 days
Guilherme Alberto325 days
Derek Clark300 days
Joonas Kytö296 days
Rafael Lanfredi287 days
Randy Chapman284 days
Alex Anderson283 days
Adam Moore269 days
Glen Stevens255 days
David Gibbons191 days
Dan Berube108 days
Greg Woll97 days
Vincent Rolin94 days
Sterling Neblett88 days
Steven Zwartjes76 days
Wes McKinney53 days
Josh Schwarz41 days
Stephen Chan39 days

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