Combined Duration of Untied World Records on the Level Surface 2

Up to January 25, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Ryan W.300 days David Clemens915 days David Clemens3877 days
Dan Dykstra34 days Randy Buikema884 days Bryan B.1498 days
Peter Osterland7 days Wouter Jansen428 days Wouter Jansen644 days
Randy Buikema3 days Simon Sternis142 days Steven Zwartjes454 days
Graham Maddocks2 days Philip Bezgoubov88 days Mike Martin434 days
Karl Jobst2 days Cliff Hampton29 days Fernando Almeida235 days
David Clemens< 1 day Greg Lavery6 days Dan Cervone119 days
Ilari Pekkala1 day Tim Greneby59 days
Mike Martin< 1 day Josh Schwarz7 days
Chris Rayola6 days

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