Combined Duration of World Records on the Level The Duel

Up to July 15, 2020

Paragon6811 days Wouter Jansen2834 days
Perfect Ace5278 days Mg2555 days
Role Model5164 days Icy2255 days
chuck5133 days Mahrla2125 days
Mg5120 days Spec1951 days
Neo2888 days Flickerform1633 days
Taka2851 days Big Bossman1401 days
Wouter Jansen2834 days MW785 days
ZAZKEN2549 days Pauliwood658 days
Axel Z2464 days MadmanFlechr508 days
Big Bossman2327 days Dr Light232 days
Icy2279 days LQwerty64 days
Flickerform1971 days Deep Darkness62 days
Spec1955 days Taka10 days
MouserScribe1951 days
Sam Fisher1268 days
Quirky1264 days
Madoka1051 days
MW785 days
Pauliwood705 days
MadmanFlechr704 days
Lake Demon590 days
Dusky517 days
LQwerty479 days
JDBlack21445 days
Sucram443 days
Ryan Honkonen438 days
ExpertGamer436 days
Dr Light232 days
Deep Darkness220 days
Ngamer1 day
Ringwraith7< 1 day
Yako< 1 day

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