The GoldenEye World Record Database

This site gathers data about the world records set on the game GoldenEye released by Rare in 1997.

Back in the early days of the Goldeneye rankings, world record announcements were scattered over several different message boards. Not until late 2000 did all of the best Goldeneye players gather at the-elite forums, and not until a while after that was there a topic specifically for the players to post their world records. The decentralized beginnings made it hard for players back then to keep track of records, and near impossible now for anyone looking to read up on Goldeneye speedrunning history.

We currently have records traced back as early as March 1999. Between late 2000 and now, a fairly complete and accurate collection of world records exists. This is an on-going effort, with new records added each day.

The evolution of the records just from 1999 to 2001 is mind-blowing, let alone the evolution from 2001 to today. It really shows just how great of a game Goldeneye is, and how skilled our players are. Hopefully records continue to be broken well into the future.

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