Combined Duration of Untied World Records on the Level dataDyne Research - Investigation

Up to January 20, 2020

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Illu847 days Illu1422 days True Faith712 days
Big Bossman561 days Big Bossman646 days Paragon675 days
True Faith465 days True Faith432 days Perfect Ace577 days
Dark0Perfection56 days Paragon127 days Karl Jobst542 days
Paragon55 days Sucram98 days Your Eliteness532 days
Sucram40 days Pernicious P21 days Greenounet408 days
PunJab26 days Dark Avenger17 days JugadorJ38 days
Karl Jobst13 days Big Bossman1 day
Your Eliteness1 day xXDarkLightXx1 day

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