Combined Duration of Untied World Records on the Level Area 51 - Rescue

Up to January 29, 2020

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
True Faith455 days Perfect Ace1453 days Illu1679 days
Perfect Ace353 days True Faith1422 days True Faith1508 days
Big Bossman267 days Big Bossman1060 days Your Eliteness1086 days
Discombobulator197 days Discombobulator428 days Perfect Ace1009 days
Karl Jobst150 days Karl Jobst417 days ChodhE556 days
SnapDragon117 days ChodhE159 days Paragon278 days
Sucram95 days Paragon149 days Taka226 days
PerfectDarklich7 days Your Eliteness119 days Carnski84 days
GohanDZ2 days Sucram59 days Ultimate G68 days
ExpertGamer54 days xXDarkLightXx21 days
SnapDragon11 days Big Bossman12 days

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