Combined Duration of Untied World Records on the Level G5 Building - Reconnaissance

Up to May 08, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
True Faith1484 days Perfect Ace2015 days Perfect Ace2514 days
Karl Jobst1381 days Karl Jobst1185 days Karl Jobst1026 days
Perfect Ace468 days True Faith871 days Paragon295 days
JugadorJ3186 days Your Eliteness383 days xXDarkLightXx226 days
Swiss172 days xXDarkLightXx226 days Greg K225 days
Funky Buddha43 days JugadorJ3197 days Your Eliteness66 days
xXDarkLightXx41 days Paragon98 days
Infiltrater25 days SnapDragon85 days
Paragon15 days Discombobulator2 days

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