Players who got a World Record on Chicago - Stealth

up to May 11th, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Dark Master Paragon Paragon
AT Allianz Lake Demon Lake Demon
Paragon Big Bossman Big Bossman
Big Bossman ExpertGamer Chuya Takizawa
ExpertGamer Chuya Takizawa ChodhE
Cck ChodhE Swiss
Chuya Takizawa Shock True Faith
ChodhE Craig McGrath Illu
50 Cent 50 Cent Kingpin
Bizichyld Swiss AlephN0L
SgtRaven True Faith Zezinho
True Faith Carnski Karl Jobst
DavidK5 Psycho BK
SnapDragon Funky Buddha Greenounet
Narigutita Illu Sucram
PerfectDarklich Kingpin MW
Wabs ShadowZero ThaRixer
Psycho AlephN0L Otto Oksman
captZEEbo Zezinho Pauliwood
Funky Buddha Karl Jobst Dark Avenger
Henning Blom BK Discombobulator
Carathorn Keefer Eliminator Jr
Icy Guy Perna Perfect Ace
Illu Greenounet DMan
Kingpin Sucram Taka
Xturnal Mathieu de carufel CEDRIC
Jimmy Bauer Red Bull
AlephN0L Slayer
Zezinho Dr Light
Quiet Bol MW
Karl Jobst ThaRixer
BK Otto Oksman
Keefer Pauliwood
JonaEru Dark Avenger
Desert Eagle Discombobulator
BombSpy Eliminator Jr
Red Bull Perfect Ace
Slayer Dark Slayer
ThaRixer Your Eliteness
Otto Oksman DMan
Paracusia Dildonius
Suicide Eagle Taka
Dark Avenger CEDRIC
Discombobulator Goldenvinze
Eliminator Jr Greg K
Perfect Ace Xela
Dark Slayer
Your Eliteness
Greg K
Wouter Jansen

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