Duration of World Records on the level Chicago - Stealth

up to January 19th, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
0:14* David Clemens (06.25.11)3130 days 0:25* David Clemens (05.17.16)1342 days 0:26* David Clemens (05.03.16)1356 days
0:15* Randy Buikema (07.18.02)3264 days 0:26* David Clemens (11.07.10)2018 days 0:27* Rayan I. (07.26.07)3204 days
0:16* Chris Rayola (11.26.00)599 days 0:27* Karl Jobst (03.22.04)2421 days 0:28* Karl Jobst (03.23.04)1220 days
0:28* Randy Buikema (06.16.02)645 days 0:29* Karl Jobst (06.16.02)646 days
0:29* Randy Buikema (09.28.00)626 days 0:30* Marcus Dolejsi (06.29.01)352 days
0:30* Marcus Dolejsi (09.14.00)14 days 0:31* Marcus Dolejsi (09.14.00)288 days

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