Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Cradle

Up to January 20, 2020

Rayan I.4452 days Adam Bozon3067 days
Wouter Jansen3706 days Eddie Lovins288 days
Adam Bozon2835 days Axel Zakrisson268 days
Bryan B.2821 days Eric Liikala15 days
Randy Buikema1733 days Wouter Jansen8 days
Chebon Shayen1551 days Henrik Norgren6 days
Daniel Coelho1551 days
Dan Parker1550 days
Justin St-Pierre1550 days
Carl-Magnus Wall1510 days
Matthew Burden1414 days
Samuel Haycock1204 days
Kyle Wiebenga1203 days
Eric Liikala1148 days
Nick Franks1108 days
Jeff Martin1050 days
Greg Lavery890 days
Daniel Dickens876 days
Aaron Scott681 days
Garrett Sellati661 days
Charlie Yeudall649 days
Craig McGrath649 days
Randy Chapman649 days
Irie Butler632 days
Steven Zwartjes588 days
Tyler Probert532 days
Adam Verbsky500 days
Karl Jobst500 days
Adam Moore499 days
Samuel Scholten477 days
Josh Schwarz307 days
Michael Willig252 days
Scott Berger244 days
Michael Lightbody186 days
Jon Barber121 days
Jonathan Hauptman48 days
Paul Murell24 days

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