Combined Duration of World Records on the Level The Duel

Up to July 10, 2020

Ben Gorman6806 days Wouter Jansen2829 days
Rayan I.5273 days Mike Gaydeski2555 days
Brandon Sanford5159 days Eric Liikala2250 days
Bruno Teixeira5128 days Stefan Mahrla2125 days
Mike Gaydeski5115 days João Andrade1946 days
Paddy Johannessen2883 days Kyle Wiebenga1628 days
Takahiro Arai2846 days Bryan B.1396 days
Wouter Jansen2829 days Michael Willig780 days
Artur Domingos2544 days Paul Murell653 days
Axel Zakrisson2459 days Adam Verbsky503 days
Bryan B.2322 days Michael Lightbody227 days
Eric Liikala2274 days Oscar Roldan Blay62 days
Kyle Wiebenga1966 days Chris Leon59 days
João Andrade1950 days Takahiro Arai10 days
Michael Kirkness1946 days
Sam Fisher1263 days
David Veach1259 days
Madoka Kaname1046 days
Michael Willig780 days
Paul Murell700 days
Adam Verbsky699 days
Blake Carroll585 days
Charlie Yeudall512 days
Chris Leon474 days
Marcus Dolejsi443 days
Josh Schwarz440 days
Ryan Honkonen438 days
Chris Rayola436 days
Michael Lightbody227 days
Oscar Roldan Blay215 days
Jon Barber1 day
Jason Summer< 1 day
Matthew Yakobina< 1 day

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