Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Area 51 - Rescue

Up to September 30, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens4233 days Bryan B.2198 days Ilari Pekkala1807 days
Rayan I.4153 days Rayan I.2066 days Ryan Dwyer1541 days
Karl Jobst2229 days David Clemens1703 days David Clemens1508 days
Takahiro Arai1815 days Ryan Dwyer1135 days Rayan I.1286 days
Bryan B.1171 days Takahiro Arai989 days Claude Boucher556 days
Simon Archambault916 days Karl Jobst626 days Ben Gorman343 days
Randy Buikema530 days Randy Buikema440 days Takahiro Arai226 days
Ryan Dwyer395 days Ben Gorman393 days Karl Jobst175 days
Marcus Dolejsi387 days Claude Boucher159 days Trent H.120 days
Ben Gorman293 days Chris Rayola138 days Nikolaj Sørensen107 days
Blake Carroll291 days Phil Hughes93 days Gary Carney85 days
Gary Carney122 days Kyle Wiebenga86 days Steve Foy85 days
Derek Kisman118 days Marcus Dolejsi86 days Gavin Thiedeman68 days
Dan Cervone74 days Derek Kisman82 days Bryan B.18 days
Chris Rayola62 days Craig Makepeace12 days
Greg Lewis45 days Gary Carney10 days
Kenny Hill45 days David Gibbons1 day
Dirk Olson7 days Trent H.1 day
Greg Jolin4 days

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