Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Carrington Institute - Defense

Up to September 29, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.6125 days Bryan B.4587 days Bryan B.3904 days
Takahiro Arai3348 days Takahiro Arai3447 days Curtis Jackson1216 days
Rayan I.3205 days Randy Buikema908 days Randy Buikema893 days
Ryan Dwyer2276 days Rayan I.725 days Takahiro Arai846 days
David Clemens2036 days Ryan Dwyer445 days Denis Lucid818 days
Karl Jobst2028 days Denis Lucid250 days Rayan I.699 days
Curtis Jackson1620 days Karl Jobst235 days Ryan Dwyer546 days
Ilari Pekkala1596 days Stephen Chan199 days Ben Gorman193 days
Ludovic Begon1536 days Simon Archambault140 days Blake Carroll154 days
Randy Buikema1164 days Dan Cervone73 days Jean-François Dubreuil94 days
Simon Archambault1024 days Phil Hughes46 days Dan Cervone88 days
Michael Burden796 days Rodrigo Toledo44 days David Gibbons87 days
Takuya Kakizawa774 days Ben Gorman29 days Simon Archambault53 days
Blake Carroll499 days Vitor Miranda7 days Derek Kisman17 days
Vitor Miranda457 days Greg Lavery6 days Greg Lavery15 days
Ben Gorman389 days Wouter Jansen5 days Matt Cook4 days
David Fourn364 days Philippe Leclerc4 days
Wouter Jansen363 days
Andy Day351 days
Claude Boucher301 days
Denis Lucid278 days
Greg Lavery263 days
Jim Söderlund258 days
Greg Brooks257 days
Phil Hughes256 days
Matt Cook255 days
Christoph Kohlbach252 days
Gary Carney249 days
Keith MacWhirter242 days
Renato Viotto Garcia201 days
Chris Rayola169 days
Nikolaj Sørensen165 days
Jean-François Dubreuil164 days
Marcus Dolejsi144 days
Kenny Hill4 days
Fabien M< 1 day

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