Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Runway

Up to September 29, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.6364 days Bryan B.6491 days Bryan B.2777 days
Randy Buikema5572 days Randy Buikema5883 days Sterling Neblett2246 days
Wouter Jansen5507 days Karl Jobst4843 days Cliff Hampton2100 days
Michael Kirkness5027 days Michael Kirkness4765 days Ryan Gibbs1433 days
Eddie Lovins4853 days Ryan W.3916 days Randy Buikema1247 days
Jimmy Bauer4843 days Wouter Jansen3764 days Karl Jobst1237 days
Ryan W.4841 days Jim Barrett3718 days Steven Zwartjes961 days
Leonardo Santos4826 days Luke Szklarz3690 days Wouter Jansen930 days
Guilherme Alberto4711 days Graham Morris3152 days Walton Mattei834 days
Ilari Pekkala4706 days Trent H.2933 days Dirk Olson830 days
David Clemens4666 days Dan Cervone2922 days Ben Gorman778 days
Rafael Lanfredi4526 days Emile Broekhuizen2921 days Eise S.645 days
Rayan I.4507 days Adam Moore2860 days Peter Osterland516 days
Dan Cervone4381 days Alex Anderson2794 days Adam Moore489 days
Ryan Koch3725 days Axel Andersson2708 days Graham Morris460 days
Karl Jobst3460 days Ilari Pekkala2704 days Mike Martin434 days
Marc Rützou3279 days Greg Lewis2602 days Wes McKinney434 days
Eise S.3094 days Henrik Norgren2585 days Matthijs ten Ham428 days
Jim Barrett2890 days Brandon Sanford2553 days Derek Clark416 days
Luke Szklarz2564 days Rayan I.2518 days Scott Berger385 days
Steven Zwartjes2460 days Mike Gaydeski2502 days Harvey Manhood382 days
Trent H.2396 days Harvey Manhood2501 days Ryan W.314 days
Philip Bezgoubov2325 days Laercio Rodolfo2469 days Ilari Pekkala276 days
Shawn Johnson2291 days Patrik Nilsson2445 days Adam Bozon149 days
Henrik Norgren2243 days Jimmy Bauer2341 days Jimmy Bauer127 days
Daniel Coelho2215 days Eddie Lovins2303 days Tim Greneby121 days
Ryan Lockwood2148 days Adam Matis2301 days Tyler Probert105 days
Eric Bond2068 days Simon Sternis2144 days Michael Kirkness44 days
Justin St-Pierre2028 days Greg Larkin2103 days Brandon Sanford3 days
Alec M.2016 days Ryan Koch2067 days
Nick Rotmeyer2002 days Walton Mattei2067 days
Gregor Degenhart1991 days Leonardo Santos2048 days
Alex Anderson1972 days Arnaud Nativel2046 days
Walton Mattei1960 days Guilherme Alberto2036 days
João Andrade1949 days David Clemens2024 days
Oscar Pleininger1900 days Rafael Lanfredi1954 days
Aaron Morgan1854 days Glen Stevens1952 days
Dan Parker1851 days Cliff Hampton1887 days
Sam Rodrigues1839 days Graham Maddocks1702 days
Jonathan Hotinski1833 days Adam Bozon1668 days
Matthew Burden1819 days Axel Zakrisson1647 days
Aaron Enszer1817 days Adam Flint1611 days
Taylor v.1816 days Marc Williams1539 days
Logan Jordon1773 days Philip Bezgoubov1479 days
Taylor Victoria1739 days Daniel Coelho1460 days
Rich Noe1723 days Ryan Gibbs1456 days
Cameron Heiniger1722 days Nick Rotmeyer1441 days
Tyler Deel1716 days Ryan Lockwood1338 days
Vitor Miranda1680 days Sterling Neblett1322 days
Carl-Magnus Wall1675 days Shawn Johnson1288 days
Gus Riolo1670 days Takahiro Arai1275 days
Patrik Nilsson1631 days Greg Woll1244 days
Tobias Linde1602 days José Tavares1203 days
Harry Van Dort1526 days Samuel Haycock1187 days
Ryan Gibbs1501 days Tyler Probert1102 days
Narcissa Wright1477 days Dan Parker1082 days
Aaron Scott1455 days Sam Rodrigues1082 days
Scott Berger1449 days Tyler Deel1081 days
Austin P.1426 days Steven Zwartjes1073 days
Daniel Dickens1414 days Irie Butler1039 days
Jeff Martin1373 days Marc Rützou1039 days
Jezz Savage1371 days Matthew Burden1027 days
Marc Williams1315 days Aaron Scott977 days
Patrick Laakso1264 days Chris Hames888 days
Patrick Wessels1264 days Patrick Wessels888 days
Sterling Neblett1264 days Eise S.803 days
Greg Larkin1243 days Joris Quevedo725 days
Wes McKinney1234 days Michael W.698 days
Craig McGrath1232 days Eric Bergmann685 days
Garrett Sellati1163 days Adam V.630 days
Sakuya A1142 days Silas Lankford598 days
John Horton1138 days Karl M.549 days
Kyle Wiebenga1112 days Josh Schwarz508 days
Tim Greneby1101 days Troy Noojin506 days
Matthijs ten Ham1081 days Austin H471 days
Greg Lavery1074 days Gus Riolo392 days
Ben Gorman1067 days Mike Mint365 days
Adam English1046 days Nikolaj Sørensen346 days
Ryan Honkonen1026 days David Witten335 days
Dirk Olson1009 days Joakim Ljung322 days
Dan Dykstra980 days Timmy Johansson295 days
Eric Bergmann979 days Janne Pitkänen268 days
Greg Woll976 days Chris Leon245 days
Taylor Harris976 days Carl-Magnus Wall241 days
Adam Moore974 days Greg Lavery229 days
Eric Liikala974 days Fernando Almeida228 days
Samuel Haycock971 days Dirk Olson220 days
Derek Clark969 days Wes McKinney215 days
Peter Osterland965 days Ben Gorman212 days
Austin H956 days Garrett Sellati206 days
David Veach953 days Ryan Honkonen186 days
Jolain Goulette951 days Dan Dykstra178 days
Adam Matis950 days Steve Foy167 days
Timmy Johansson936 days Paddy Johannessen165 days
Justin Thomas935 days Derek Clark127 days
Michael Nielsen935 days Chris Gonsalves119 days
Randy Chapman932 days Peter Osterland112 days
Huzaifa P904 days Justin Thomas91 days
Harvey Manhood899 days Michael Nielsen82 days
Chris Rayola895 days Simon L74 days
Rochus Neeleman893 days Claude Boucher49 days
Martijn Kool891 days Andrew Gall45 days
Marcus Dolejsi885 days Chris Rayola42 days
Jim Söderlund868 days Rochus Neeleman38 days
Harry Coupe865 days Marcus Dolejsi33 days
Brent McGarvey859 days Zack B23 days
Chris Hames859 days Michael Coe16 days
James Register859 days Jim Söderlund15 days
Ludovic Begon858 days Tim Greneby15 days
Irie Butler857 days Ben Southward5 days
Andrew Wash856 days Matthijs ten Ham1 day
Henry Rodriguez856 days
Jonathan Hauptman850 days
Vincent Rolin833 days
David Gonzales801 days
Christoph Kohlbach800 days
Randy Gary795 days
Thomas Andrews794 days
Claude Boucher793 days
Terrance Collins791 days
Ben Southward789 days
Simon Archambault784 days
Graham Morris767 days
Kev B.765 days
Mike Mint761 days
Chris Leon758 days
Mike McEnery754 days
Charlie Yeudall751 days
Hayden King743 days
Lance Mudryk743 days
James Wallis740 days
Denis Akel739 days
Alexandre Gimenez738 days
Eric Sones723 days
Jakob Birkenes716 days
Bryan Youse700 days
Stephen Chan699 days
Adam V.686 days
Zach Mulac679 days
Josh Schwarz677 days
Jean-François Dubreuil665 days
Adam Woodson646 days
Karl M.640 days
Joris Quevedo631 days
Joonas Kytö614 days
Tyler Probert613 days
Mike Mckelvey595 days
Roger Zylstra591 days
Anaël Raffin586 days
Kevin Ventullo572 days
Glan Ivin570 days
John Lewis569 days
Michael W.563 days
Troy Noojin560 days
Jordan Roach545 days
Matthew Solly544 days
Simon L534 days
Nikolaj Sørensen530 days
Madoka Kaname529 days
Matt Cook526 days
Logan West520 days
Michael Lightbody518 days
Brandon Sanford505 days
Roger Cantley503 days
David Jones496 days
Matthew Franzen467 days
Laren Spear460 days
Michael Antle436 days
Janne Pitkänen413 days
Dan Berube407 days
Thomas Johnson401 days
Joseph Cairns387 days
Silas Lankford387 days
Riley Burke357 days
Cal Brabham353 days
Kevin Buick330 days
Steve Foy318 days
Tim Dubovsky309 days
Steve Rigney305 days
John Reading296 days
Guy Lester293 days
Joe F.292 days
Evan Cloutier291 days
Mathieu de carufel235 days
Steve Dudick215 days
Alex Stubbings207 days
Liam Gaughan206 days
Joakim Ljung196 days
Sean Hurley188 days
Bob Aunan187 days
Bob Faulds187 days
Graeme Faulds187 days
Michael Coe187 days
Mike Martin187 days
Ricky Pusch187 days
Sam Querbes187 days
Sander Straat187 days
Andrew Gall184 days
Robert Sizemore183 days
Eric P181 days
Colton Hinkle172 days
Jarad Herbert161 days
Mike Gaydeski158 days
Sean MacKenzie137 days
Paul George130 days
Kyle Reid107 days
Olive Thornton103 days
Mael Robic98 days
Matthew Yakobina67 days
Jacob Hall43 days
Ryan Dwyer38 days
Emile Broekhuizen27 days
Michael Anthony20 days
Fernando Almeida8 days
Jon Barber7 days
Spencer Morrissette6 days
Will Xelever< 1 day

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