Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Surface 2

Up to September 29, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.4943 days David Clemens2895 days David Clemens3912 days
David Clemens3944 days Wouter Jansen2172 days Bryan B.2218 days
Rayan I.2528 days Cliff Hampton1862 days Wouter Jansen992 days
Cliff Hampton2441 days Randy Buikema1483 days Dan Cervone491 days
Karl Jobst2346 days Philip Bezgoubov1265 days Steven Zwartjes454 days
Ilari Pekkala2061 days Bryan B.1215 days Mike Martin434 days
Daniel Coelho2047 days Ryan Gibbs989 days Fernando Almeida237 days
Ryan W.2016 days Sam Rodrigues918 days Rayan I.129 days
Ryan Gibbs1659 days Rayan I.864 days Tim Greneby73 days
Peter Osterland1572 days James Wallis797 days Karl Jobst14 days
Luke Szklarz1563 days Mike Mint709 days Marc Rützou13 days
Jimmy Bauer1466 days Sterling Neblett587 days Chris Rayola6 days
Michael Kirkness1435 days Graeme Faulds570 days Ilari Pekkala5 days
Philip Bezgoubov1415 days Mike Martin570 days Randy Buikema5 days
Randy Buikema1371 days Greg Lavery524 days Josh Schwarz4 days
Justin St-Pierre1290 days Dan Cervone495 days Gus Riolo2 days
Carl-Magnus Wall1251 days Steven Zwartjes454 days
Ryan Koch1233 days Ilari Pekkala377 days
Walton Mattei1233 days Simon Sternis366 days
Jim Barrett1213 days Matthijs ten Ham365 days
Glan Ivin1108 days Tim Greneby340 days
Oscar Pleininger1083 days Jimmy Bauer328 days
Wouter Jansen1078 days Fernando Almeida241 days
Eise S.1061 days Garrett Sellati226 days
Graham Maddocks1057 days Ryan W.216 days
Sam Rodrigues1057 days Joris Quevedo214 days
Dan Dykstra1053 days Troy Noojin212 days
Dan Parker1046 days Mike Gaydeski176 days
Sterling Neblett1027 days Wes McKinney172 days
Steven Zwartjes1027 days Graham Morris143 days
Jonathan Hotinski1012 days Harvey Manhood104 days
Matthew Burden1011 days Peter Osterland102 days
Austin Lakota1010 days Adam Moore101 days
Gus Riolo1004 days Derek Clark95 days
Tyler Deel991 days Adam Bozon30 days
Marc Rützou957 days Adam V.30 days
Eric Liikala948 days Ben Gorman27 days
Daniel Dickens945 days Shawn Johnson25 days
Patrik Nilsson918 days Karl Jobst24 days
Taylor v.897 days Chris Rayola13 days
Jezz Savage895 days Irie Butler8 days
Matthijs ten Ham886 days Josh Schwarz2 days
Øyvind Persvik847 days
Sakuya A799 days
Mike Mint797 days
Dan Cervone762 days
James Wallis713 days
Aaron Scott658 days
Graham Morris593 days
Patrick Wessels573 days
Wes McKinney573 days
Henrik Norgren478 days
Troy Noojin477 days
Mike Mckelvey465 days
Josh Schwarz463 days
Mike Martin434 days
Adam Moore429 days
Harvey Manhood427 days
Jeff Martin427 days
Samuel Haycock378 days
Randy Chapman374 days
Huzaifa P372 days
Craig McGrath367 days
Damian Coe355 days
Graeme Faulds355 days
Michael Coe355 days
Eric Bond335 days
Ryan Lockwood316 days
Timmy Johansson311 days
Andrew Wash303 days
Scott Berger278 days
Tyler Probert272 days
Austin H259 days
Alec M.253 days
Fernando Almeida241 days
Joris Quevedo238 days
Garrett Sellati198 days
Vitor Miranda184 days
Brent McGarvey176 days
Harry Coupe174 days
Tim Greneby173 days
David Gonzales169 days
Simon Sternis169 days
Greg Woll143 days
Greg Larkin142 days
Chris Leon132 days
Jonathan Hauptman131 days
Greg Lavery124 days
Arnaud Nativel118 days
Dirk Olson98 days
Adam V.74 days
Aaron Morgan71 days
Irie Butler67 days
Guilherme Alberto66 days
Ben Gorman64 days
Shawn Johnson60 days
Chris Rayola53 days
Ludovic Begon43 days
Axel Zakrisson41 days
Charlie Yeudall41 days
Eddie Lovins41 days
Glen Stevens40 days
Ryan Honkonen32 days
Eric Bergmann28 days
Derek Clark27 days
Terrance Collins22 days
Joonas Kytö19 days
Hayden King12 days
Trent H.6 days
Mike Gaydeski3 days

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