Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Cradle

Up to September 21, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.6271 days David Clemens4771 days Bryan B.4755 days
David Clemens4695 days Rayan I.2975 days David Clemens4128 days
Rayan I.4335 days Wouter Jansen2639 days Rayan I.3039 days
Wouter Jansen3727 days Bryan B.2052 days Wouter Jansen1785 days
Karl Jobst2635 days Karl Jobst1818 days Karl Jobst1612 days
Luke Szklarz2258 days Daniel Coelho1460 days Daniel Coelho1455 days
Ilari Pekkala2130 days Randy Buikema1391 days Jim Barrett1433 days
Daniel Coelho1998 days Sterling Neblett1346 days Randy Buikema1298 days
Ryan W.1927 days Ryan W.1335 days Carl-Magnus Wall1273 days
Gus Riolo1919 days Carl-Magnus Wall1256 days Dan Parker1064 days
Jim Barrett1908 days Ilari Pekkala1062 days Ilari Pekkala1062 days
Carl-Magnus Wall1878 days Dan Parker944 days Luke Szklarz968 days
Matthew Burden1789 days Justin St-Pierre922 days Sterling Neblett928 days
Randy Buikema1766 days Matthew Burden909 days Justin St-Pierre920 days
Henrik Norgren1697 days Marc Rützou901 days Matthew Burden906 days
Gregor Degenhart1686 days Sakuya A897 days Marc Rützou901 days
Dan Parker1683 days Irie Butler879 days Sakuya A895 days
Jonathan Hotinski1621 days Luke Szklarz805 days Irie Butler862 days
Ryan Gibbs1483 days Sam Rodrigues739 days Adam Bozon742 days
Marc Rützou1452 days Jim Barrett724 days Sam Rodrigues738 days
Daniel Dickens1450 days Samuel Haycock723 days Samuel Haycock718 days
Ryan Koch1365 days Ryan Gibbs721 days Ryan Gibbs716 days
Tyler Deel1343 days Jezz Savage718 days Tyler Deel636 days
Chebon Shayen1238 days Tyler Deel643 days Ryan W.599 days
Michael Kirkness1166 days Jonathan Hotinski456 days Jonathan Hotinski445 days
Aaron Morgan1150 days Daniel Dickens439 days Daniel Dickens436 days
Jimmy Bauer1147 days Timmy Johansson312 days Peter Osterland352 days
Walton Mattei1147 days Andrew Wash239 days Garrett Sellati300 days
Nick Rotmeyer1116 days Steven Zwartjes164 days Andrew Wash239 days
Timmy Johansson1112 days Eddie Lovins155 days Henrik Norgren189 days
Sam Rodrigues1102 days Matthijs ten Ham155 days Hayden King138 days
Justin St-Pierre1099 days Randy Chapman135 days Matthijs ten Ham130 days
Rich Noe1050 days Hayden King133 days Randy Chapman126 days
Graham Morris1045 days Kyle Wiebenga133 days Kyle Wiebenga125 days
Martin Mellstam1023 days Scott Berger117 days Ludovic Begon109 days
Ludovic Begon958 days Ludovic Begon111 days Chris Gonsalves79 days
Eise S.919 days Michael Kirkness97 days Gus Riolo72 days
Sakuya A909 days Chris Gonsalves83 days Greg Woll53 days
Adam English888 days Gus Riolo77 days Timmy Johansson37 days
Irie Butler887 days Shawn Johnson46 days Josh Schwarz35 days
Hayden King886 days Josh Schwarz35 days Aaron Scott27 days
Austin H859 days Aaron Scott27 days Gregor Degenhart26 days
Marc Williams825 days Greg Larkin13 days Greg Larkin8 days
Mike Mint776 days Peter Osterland6 days Adam V.4 days
Samuel Haycock725 days Adam V.5 days Chebon Shayen1 day
Jezz Savage716 days Aaron Morgan3 days
Oscar Pleininger714 days Chebon Shayen3 days
Kyle Wiebenga703 days Ryan Koch3 days
Jeff Martin551 days
Vitor Miranda491 days
Charlie Yeudall461 days
Joris Quevedo408 days
Peter Osterland385 days
Jonathan Hauptman374 days
Randy Chapman373 days
Zach Mulac349 days
Troy Noojin324 days
Matthijs ten Ham299 days
Josh Thomson261 days
Andrew Wash235 days
Tim Greneby231 days
Sterling Neblett219 days
Chris Leon181 days
Derek Clark148 days
Adam Moore142 days
Scott Berger132 days
Chris Gonsalves122 days
Eric Liikala111 days
Josh Schwarz90 days
Brent McGarvey87 days
Adam V.75 days
Garrett Sellati67 days
Joonas Kytö57 days
Simon L40 days
Aaron Scott23 days
Greg Larkin23 days
Dan Dykstra12 days
Dan Cervone3 days

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