Combined Duration of Untied World Records on the Level Deep Sea - Nullify Threat

Up to September 30, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Takuya Kakizawa836 days Greg Lewis1701 days Greg Lewis1525 days
Karl Jobst436 days Karl Jobst1386 days Jezz Savage1218 days
Christoph Kohlbach262 days Ryan Dwyer1213 days Bryan B.1081 days
Greg Lewis57 days Max Bout894 days Max Bout889 days
Jezz Savage36 days Phil Hughes207 days Takuya Kakizawa858 days
Ben Gorman8 days Gary Carney185 days Ben Gorman550 days
John Potter6 days Takuya Kakizawa175 days Phil Hughes451 days
Phil Hughes4 days Rayan I.173 days Ryan Dwyer391 days
Derek Kisman78 days Will Xelever57 days
Ben Gorman58 days Steve Foy14 days
Steve Foy16 days

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