Players who got a World Record on G5 Building - Reconnaissance

up to June 20th, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Ben Gorman Ben Gorman Ben Gorman
Bryan B. Dan Parker Bryan B.
Dan Parker David Clemens Dan Parker
David Clemens Derek Kisman David Clemens
Derek Kisman Ilari Pekkala Derek Kisman
Greg Lewis Jeff Cousins Karl Jobst
Jeff Cousins Karl Jobst Phil Hughes
Karl Jobst Matt Cook Rayan I.
Matt Cook Phil Hughes Ryan Dwyer
Nikolaj Sørensen Randy Buikema Steve Foy
Phil Hughes Rayan I. Vitor Miranda
Randy Buikema Ricky Pusch
Rayan I. Ryan Dwyer
Ricky Pusch Steve Foy
Ryan Dwyer Vitor Miranda
Steve Foy
Vincent Rolin

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