Combined Duration of World Records on the Level dataDyne Central - Defection

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Illu5942 days Karl Jobst2121 days Denis Lucid2087 days
Karl Jobst5231 days Perfect Ace1684 days Big Bossman1657 days
Big Bossman3887 days Illu1565 days Taka1266 days
MouserScribe3858 days CEDRIC1428 days Slayer1147 days
Wyst3r3656 days MW1153 days Illu931 days
ExpertGamer3619 days Big Bossman1023 days Karl Jobst556 days
Paragon3615 days Swiss1006 days CEDRIC330 days
Discombobulator3519 days Sucram933 days Perfect Ace298 days
DMan3480 days Toth719 days Roco281 days
Cck3377 days Your Eliteness449 days Sucram217 days
ShadowZero3328 days ThaRixer431 days Your Eliteness148 days
ChodhE3327 days BK375 days Paragon76 days
Dark Avenger3314 days jezz318 days DarkHawk3 days
Carnski3310 days ExpertGamer261 days Falcon1 day
Keefer3300 days True Faith223 days
Kingpin3272 days Denis Lucid223 days
JugadorJ33256 days Discombobulator173 days
Goldenvinze3230 days Paragon155 days
Slayer3179 days DMan144 days
Quiet Bol3121 days Greenounet5 days
Desert Eagle3115 days Wyst3r4 days
Wouter Jansen3057 days Slayer2 days
PunJab3029 days
Greg K2975 days
Assasim2927 days
Your Eliteness2865 days
Snowblind2850 days
CEDRIC2765 days
Perfect Ace2595 days
Psycho2515 days
Funky Buddha2207 days
TreAKAHotdog2156 days
Bass Boost2130 days
Swiss1960 days
jezz1937 days
Greenounet1800 days
Ryan Koch1663 days
Taka1464 days
Jimmy Bauer1410 days
Red Bull1300 days
Otto Oksman1282 days
MW1227 days
speedruntrainer1179 days
Carathorn1116 days
Alka Maass1032 days
Toasty815 days
BK811 days
Henning Blom805 days
Sam Fisher796 days
ThaRixer761 days
Dildonius711 days
Denis Lucid687 days
Dr Light615 days
True Faith597 days
50 Cent554 days
Lake Demon489 days
Toth474 days
Mg459 days
Icy451 days
AT Allianz413 days
Chuya Takizawa407 days
JDBlack21322 days
Eliminator Jr315 days
Xela212 days
Psychroptic175 days
nv165 days
GohanDZ94 days
Sucram87 days
captZEEbo61 days
Infiltrater55 days
Paracusia34 days
Gamingguru50715 days

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