Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Air Force One - Antiterrorism

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Perfect Ace4405 days Perfect Ace4053 days Perfect Ace4040 days
Big Bossman4377 days Greg K2501 days Your Eliteness2180 days
Greg K3365 days Shade1645 days Greg K1522 days
Karl Jobst2865 days Taka1630 days Karl Jobst1434 days
Taka1384 days Big Bossman1333 days Taka986 days
CEDRIC1295 days Karl Jobst1333 days Discombobulator524 days
Goose1170 days CEDRIC1295 days Shade508 days
Otto Oksman1143 days Lec1204 days Big Bossman266 days
Chuya Takizawa1128 days Your Eliteness1198 days ChodhE209 days
Greenounet1018 days Funky Buddha886 days Lake Demon137 days
Swiss965 days Discombobulator653 days Infiltrater128 days
Illu896 days Illu617 days Sucram124 days
FOrK886 days Lake Demon607 days Dark Avenger83 days
Discombobulator843 days Bizichyld540 days DMan54 days
DMan794 days Paragon434 days Marshmallow18 days
Flickerform789 days ChodhE339 days Flickerform12 days
ThaRixer661 days captZEEbo332 days Lec8 days
Your Eliteness624 days Otto Oksman268 days Paragon3 days
Lake Demon609 days DMan183 days SnapDragon2 days
BK573 days Infiltrater148 days
Icy553 days ExpertGamer126 days
ChodhE532 days BK57 days
Dildonius340 days Shock15 days
Funky Buddha195 days SnapDragon15 days
Xela168 days Marshmallow12 days
Ngamer167 days Sucram12 days
SnapDragon149 days Narigutita2 days
GohanDZ141 days Ngamer2 days
Sucram131 days
Eliminator Jr129 days
Dark Avenger76 days
Dr Light72 days
Dark Slayer59 days
Paragon19 days
Paracusia16 days
ExpertGamer11 days
captZEEbo9 days
Infiltrater9 days
Gamingguru5076 days
PerfectDarklich2 days
xXDarkLightXx2 days

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