Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Karl Jobst4222 days Big Bossman4321 days Big Bossman3353 days
Big Bossman3133 days Karl Jobst2945 days Karl Jobst1931 days
Red Bull1347 days Red Bull1439 days Red Bull1490 days
Dark Avenger820 days Your Eliteness1291 days Your Eliteness742 days
ExpertGamer784 days JugadorJ31159 days ExpertGamer457 days
captZEEbo771 days captZEEbo874 days Funky Buddha340 days
Discombobulator522 days Dark Avenger843 days DarkHawk226 days
Dr Light424 days Funky Buddha493 days Dark Avenger183 days
Perfect Ace392 days Dark Slayer473 days Perfect Ace181 days
SnapDragon136 days Taka308 days Paragon170 days
DMan109 days ExpertGamer275 days xXDarkLightXx74 days
Paragon70 days DarkHawk160 days Marshmallow< 1 day
xXDarkLightXx53 days Perfect Ace150 days
Zezinho36 days Zezinho81 days
Your Eliteness16 days Otto Oksman1 day
DarkHawk14 days Paragon< 1 day
Swiss< 1 day
jezz< 1 day

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