Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Mr. Blonde's Revenge

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Big Bossman5416 days Big Bossman5486 days Big Bossman3557 days
Lec1816 days Lec1843 days Lec1858 days
Perfect Ace364 days KillerSim7421 days Illu1853 days
Sucram314 days Perfect Ace364 days Sucram495 days
Karl Jobst250 days Sucram308 days KillerSim7420 days
DarkHawk207 days Karl Jobst218 days Perfect Ace318 days
Paragon204 days Your Eliteness212 days Karl Jobst212 days
MW199 days MW197 days Paragon192 days
DMan181 days DMan187 days SnapDragon190 days
KillerSim7168 days Paragon138 days MW127 days
Greg K139 days Discombobulator91 days Your Eliteness107 days
Ultimate G81 days captZEEbo56 days Ultimate G77 days
Discombobulator71 days Ultimate G7 days Discombobulator24 days
Icy1 day Ultimate M7 days Axel Z< 1 day
Axel Z< 1 day DarkHawk1 day MouserScribe< 1 day
Illu< 1 day Axel Z< 1 day
MouserScribe< 1 day Illu< 1 day
speedruntrainer< 1 day MouserScribe< 1 day
Goose< 1 day Goose< 1 day
Greg K< 1 day

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