Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Maian SOS

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Perfect Ace3836 days Taka3466 days Perfect Ace4007 days
Karl Jobst3716 days Red Bull3036 days Karl Jobst1752 days
CEDRIC2311 days Perfect Ace2612 days JugadorJ3913 days
Big Bossman857 days CEDRIC2301 days Sucram403 days
Cck407 days Big Bossman1319 days Paragon319 days
Dark Avenger329 days Your Eliteness1253 days Your Eliteness227 days
Your Eliteness326 days Karl Jobst1080 days Discombobulator101 days
Greg K274 days ThaRixer783 days Taka87 days
Carnski267 days Discombobulator686 days Big Bossman64 days
ShadowZero255 days Cck484 days xXDarkLightXx43 days
Discombobulator207 days DMan305 days
Taka193 days Madoka277 days
Greenounet190 days xXDarkLightXx242 days
Paragon159 days JustinDT218 days
JugadorJ3103 days Wouter Jansen205 days
Funky Buddha67 days JugadorJ3153 days
ExpertGamer19 days Paragon124 days
Swiss1 day Infiltrater102 days
ExpertGamer55 days
PerfectDarklich33 days
captZEEbo32 days
Marshmallow9 days
Swiss2 days
Sucram1 day

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