Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Air Base - Espionage

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Dan Cervone3971 days True Faith2500 days Perfect Ace3222 days
Illu3890 days Taka2262 days Shade2252 days
True Faith3576 days Greenounet1893 days CEDRIC1433 days
Karl Jobst3410 days Karl Jobst1664 days Red Bull1191 days
Taka2823 days Your Eliteness1599 days Taka834 days
Your Eliteness2132 days Big Bossman1556 days Greenounet753 days
Big Bossman2048 days Funky Buddha1348 days Paragon364 days
CEDRIC1839 days Perfect Ace821 days Illu359 days
Funky Buddha1815 days Illu683 days Discombobulator273 days
Psycho1811 days JugadorJ3683 days captZEEbo197 days
Perfect Ace1750 days Shade377 days Lake Demon73 days
Dark Slayer1628 days Discombobulator221 days xXDarkLightXx68 days
Greg K1452 days Dark Avenger191 days Karl Jobst5 days
Greenounet1419 days Red Bull153 days
Discombobulator1063 days SnapDragon134 days
Shade670 days Paragon89 days
ChodhE666 days captZEEbo86 days
Lec665 days Lake Demon68 days
Red Bull565 days PerfectDarklich7 days
captZEEbo209 days Sucram6 days
Paragon155 days Perna5 days
SnapDragon129 days Carnski< 1 day
ThaRixer89 days xXDarkLightXx< 1 day
Lake Demon65 days
Infiltrater42 days
Perna39 days
Swiss20 days
Dark Avenger11 days
Dr Light3 days

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