Combined Duration of World Records on the Level dataDyne Central - Extraction

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
True Faith4449 days True Faith3385 days True Faith2784 days
CEDRIC3858 days Perfect Ace1264 days Perfect Ace1211 days
Perfect Ace2609 days Big Bossman1121 days Big Bossman1117 days
Karl Jobst2053 days Greenounet954 days Greenounet895 days
Greenounet1753 days Greg K722 days Greg K721 days
Big Bossman1581 days Dark Avenger330 days Dark Avenger472 days
Shade1060 days Infiltrater279 days DMan247 days
Discombobulator907 days DMan250 days Paragon214 days
BK609 days Discombobulator102 days Wes007116 days
Swiss588 days Wes00791 days Taka113 days
ThaRixer569 days Karl Jobst46 days captZEEbo37 days
Lake Demon557 days Your Eliteness34 days xXDarkLightXx< 1 day
Greg K334 days captZEEbo24 days
MW251 days TreAKAHotdog8 days
AlephN0L200 days
Paragon176 days
Your Eliteness143 days
Xela72 days
Infiltrater62 days
DMan34 days

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