Combined Duration of World Records on the Level WAR!

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Karl Jobst6451 days Perfect Ace3661 days Perfect Ace3670 days
Perfect Ace5676 days Big Bossman2804 days Big Bossman2571 days
DavidK55052 days Karl Jobst2641 days Karl Jobst2550 days
Henning Blom4866 days Your Eliteness1250 days ExpertGamer1101 days
Wouter Jansen4662 days Sam Fisher550 days DavidK5689 days
CEDRIC3684 days Quiet Bol485 days Sam Fisher224 days
Big Bossman3504 days Dr Light483 days Marshmallow146 days
Taka2973 days ShadowZero452 days Wes007120 days
Illu2967 days ExpertGamer413 days Discombobulator99 days
jezz1465 days Taka333 days Paragon76 days
Greenounet945 days Discombobulator308 days
Madoka938 days Wouter Jansen264 days
DMan834 days DavidK5235 days
MODnike18830 days Wes007184 days
Discombobulator710 days ChodhE169 days
Wyatt Inverness Glover653 days
Slayer625 days
SnapDragon608 days
ExpertGamer601 days
Quiet Bol601 days
Swiss590 days
Paragon551 days
Wodahs-Reklaw517 days
Antler515 days
Sucram467 days
ChodhE464 days
Snowblind464 days
Dark Avenger463 days
ShadowZero460 days
Carnski457 days
ThaRixer422 days
Sam Fisher418 days
Alka Maass404 days
LQwerty396 days
Lake Demon350 days
SamSim303 days
Shade299 days
Keefer234 days
Flickerform228 days
MW226 days
BK204 days
Dildonius181 days
Your Eliteness117 days
Psycho99 days
Dr Light93 days
Dark Master65 days
Bizichyld57 days
Icy33 days
Greg K32 days
Paracusia6 days

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