Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Pelagic II - Exploration

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
True Faith3920 days Perfect Ace3538 days Perfect Ace3683 days
Big Bossman2556 days True Faith2041 days True Faith1345 days
Perfect Ace1224 days Your Eliteness950 days Greg K667 days
DMan939 days Dark Avenger565 days Big Bossman664 days
Karl Jobst926 days Greg K562 days Paragon535 days
Dark Avenger886 days DMan440 days Taka439 days
Wouter Jansen878 days Taka437 days Your Eliteness394 days
Taka851 days Paragon377 days DMan238 days
SnapDragon435 days Karl Jobst340 days Dark Avenger218 days
Paragon296 days Wouter Jansen151 days Dark Slayer184 days
Sucram218 days Big Bossman94 days Karl Jobst36 days
Your Eliteness192 days xXDarkLightXx83 days xXDarkLightXx21 days
Paracusia151 days SnapDragon10 days Lec10 days
Lec92 days Marshmallow3 days
Carnski66 days
Otto Oksman49 days
Greg K28 days
MouserScribe13 days
ExpertGamer2 days

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