Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Area 51 - Rescue

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Perfect Ace4374 days Perfect Ace2278 days Illu1807 days
True Faith4233 days Big Bossman2198 days Your Eliteness1541 days
Karl Jobst2229 days True Faith1703 days True Faith1508 days
Taka1815 days Your Eliteness1135 days Perfect Ace1507 days
Big Bossman1171 days Taka991 days ChodhE556 days
DMan1008 days Karl Jobst625 days Paragon343 days
Discombobulator530 days Discombobulator440 days Taka226 days
Your Eliteness395 days Paragon393 days Karl Jobst175 days
Sucram387 days ChodhE159 days TreAKAHotdog120 days
Paragon293 days ExpertGamer138 days ThaRixer107 days
Lake Demon291 days Flickerform106 days Carnski85 days
Carnski122 days Dark Avenger93 days xXDarkLightXx85 days
SnapDragon118 days Sucram86 days Ultimate G68 days
Dan Cervone74 days SnapDragon82 days Big Bossman18 days
ExpertGamer62 days Shock12 days
Funky Buddha45 days Carnski10 days
Desert Eagle45 days Illu9 days
PerfectDarklich7 days Marshmallow1 day
GohanDZ4 days TreAKAHotdog< 1 day

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