Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Attack Ship - Covert Assault

Up to August 17, 2019

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Karl Jobst3117 days Big Bossman2315 days Funky Buddha2782 days
Chuya Takizawa3044 days Your Eliteness2183 days CEDRIC2310 days
Your Eliteness2636 days Funky Buddha1629 days Greenounet1167 days
Big Bossman2193 days Greenounet1132 days Paragon714 days
Dark Slayer1588 days Perfect Ace797 days Karl Jobst426 days
Greg K1337 days Paragon765 days JugadorJ3276 days
Red Bull907 days Red Bull429 days Your Eliteness195 days
Taka779 days Karl Jobst368 days Big Bossman156 days
Paragon570 days Greg K295 days Goldenvinze88 days
DMan414 days Discombobulator107 days Neo Dark19 days
Sucram104 days Dark Avenger79 days ExpertGamer4 days
Discombobulator16 days Taka32 days
Dark Master1 day ExpertGamer19 days
Dark Master2 days
Marshmallow1 day
DMan1 day

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