Combined Duration of World Records on the Level dataDyne Research - Investigation

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Illu3940 days Big Bossman3218 days True Faith3905 days
Karl Jobst2654 days Illu3192 days Perfect Ace3452 days
Big Bossman2086 days True Faith2086 days Taka2750 days
True Faith1984 days Karl Jobst1046 days Big Bossman1381 days
Perfect Ace1080 days Narigutita644 days Your Eliteness1319 days
JDBlack21790 days Your Eliteness620 days Karl Jobst874 days
Paragon639 days Perfect Ace607 days Paragon744 days
PunJab509 days Dark Avenger436 days Greenounet743 days
Sucram499 days Paragon430 days JugadorJ38 days
Dark0Perfection492 days ChodhE419 days xXDarkLightXx1 day
Discombobulator485 days DMan318 days
ExpertGamer475 days Pernicious P224 days
PrimeNumber459 days Shade203 days
Your Eliteness436 days Sucram199 days
ThaRixer325 days Discombobulator150 days
Shock101 days ExpertGamer146 days
MW65 days Goldenvinze145 days
DMan2 days captZEEbo37 days
Falcon20 days
Infiltrater19 days
xXDarkLightXx13 days

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