Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Carrington Institute - Defense

Up to May 09, 2021

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
Big Bossman6347 days Big Bossman4809 days Big Bossman3451 days
Perfect Ace3427 days Taka3447 days 50 Cent1222 days
Taka3348 days Discombobulator908 days Denis Lucid1137 days
Your Eliteness2276 days Perfect Ace725 days Discombobulator893 days
Karl Jobst2258 days Your Eliteness445 days Taka757 days
True Faith2036 days Denis Lucid250 days Your Eliteness546 days
Greenounet1865 days Karl Jobst235 days Perfect Ace380 days
50 Cent1620 days Yoshifan199 days Lake Demon376 days
Illu1596 days DMan140 days Paragon193 days
Discombobulator1164 days Lake Demon127 days Shade94 days
DMan1024 days Dan Cervone73 days Dan Cervone88 days
Slayer796 days Dark Avenger46 days Marshmallow87 days
CEDRIC774 days Dark Slayer44 days DMan53 days
Lake Demon721 days Paragon29 days SnapDragon17 days
Greg K457 days Greg K7 days captZEEbo15 days
ThaRixer398 days captZEEbo6 days JugadorJ34 days
Paragon389 days Wouter Jansen5 days Lec4 days
BK378 days
Dark0Perfection364 days
Wouter Jansen363 days
DarkHawk351 days
ChodhE301 days
Denis Lucid278 days
captZEEbo263 days
ShadowZero258 days
Dark Avenger256 days
JugadorJ3255 days
Cck252 days
Carnski249 days
Keefer242 days
Napa201 days
Paracusia194 days
Xela170 days
ExpertGamer169 days
Shade164 days
Sucram144 days
Eliminator Jr54 days
BornKilla9 days
Desert Eagle4 days
Wabs< 1 day

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