Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Chicago - Stealth

Up to July 09, 2020

Agent Special Agent Perfect Agent
True Faith4250 days True Faith4249 days Perfect Ace3562 days
Discombobulator3862 days Karl Jobst3692 days Karl Jobst3287 days
Karl Jobst3130 days Perfect Ace3283 days True Faith3132 days
Big Bossman2902 days Big Bossman3041 days Taka2393 days
Funky Buddha2902 days Dark Slayer1939 days CEDRIC2018 days
Your Eliteness2644 days CEDRIC1582 days Chuya Takizawa1758 days
DMan2510 days Zezinho1568 days Big Bossman1564 days
Greg K2289 days Illu1538 days Zezinho1553 days
Dark Slayer2226 days Discombobulator1276 days Illu1525 days
Wouter Jansen2196 days Otto Oksman1196 days Sucram640 days
Narigutita2164 days DMan692 days AlephN0L598 days
Illu1882 days Red Bull618 days Lake Demon454 days
DavidK51818 days MW600 days MW446 days
Jimmy Bauer1647 days Lake Demon599 days Greenounet442 days
Henning Blom1642 days AlephN0L598 days Kev B.377 days
Perfect Ace1636 days ThaRixer524 days ThaRixer371 days
Otto Oksman1594 days 50 Cent502 days BK309 days
Taka1537 days Kev B.491 days Pauliwood288 days
Red Bull1494 days BK455 days Discombobulator278 days
Carathorn1212 days Sucram366 days ChodhE186 days
50 Cent740 days Paragon351 days Dark Avenger184 days
CEDRIC692 days Shock282 days Paragon138 days
AlephN0L674 days ChodhE272 days Otto Oksman67 days
JonaEru615 days ExpertGamer267 days DMan48 days
Paragon599 days Dark Avenger267 days Kingpin47 days
ExpertGamer599 days Greenounet253 days Swiss12 days
Gamingguru507591 days ShadowZero250 days
PerfectDarklich585 days Carnski247 days
captZEEbo585 days Funky Buddha237 days
Cck574 days Chuya Takizawa217 days
Chuya Takizawa519 days Swiss195 days
ThaRixer519 days Your Eliteness181 days
AT Allianz518 days Dildonius152 days
xXDarkLightXx508 days Craig McGrath128 days
SnapDragon452 days Mathieu de carufel103 days
Infiltrater451 days Dr Light88 days
Dark Avenger441 days Kingpin55 days
Suicide Eagle362 days Keefer52 days
ChodhE361 days Slayer50 days
BombSpy291 days Psycho47 days
Wabs290 days Goldenvinze40 days
SgtRaven282 days Greg K15 days
Keefer266 days
Goldenvinze253 days
Kingpin237 days
Xturnal226 days
Slayer157 days
Zezinho124 days
Bizichyld116 days
Quiet Bol88 days
Desert Eagle88 days
Dark Master78 days
SamSim43 days
PunJab41 days
Psycho40 days
Icy Guy18 days

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