Duration of World Records on the level Archives

up to September 21st, 2020

0:55* Rayan I. (05.23.10)3774 days 1:06* Rayan I. (07.18.17)1161 days
0:56* Alex Anderson (02.12.06)1561 days 1:07* Rayan I. (01.04.08)3483 days
0:57* Alex Anderson (02.10.06)2 days 1:08* Rayan I. (01.04.08)0 day
0:58* Bryan B. (03.01.04)711 days 1:10* Ilari Pekkala (12.22.07)13 days
1:00* Eise S. (10.19.02)499 days 1:11* Henrik Norgren (12.15.04)1102 days
1:01* Sterling Neblett (03.15.01)583 days 1:22* Wouter Jansen (02.08.04)311 days

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