Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Statue

Up to September 23, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Bryan B.4201 days Jimmy Bauer5038 days Bryan B.6436 days
Jimmy Bauer2855 days Bryan B.4405 days Jimmy Bauer2878 days
Sam Rodrigues1683 days Marc Rützou2856 days Marc Rützou2713 days
Rayan I.1348 days Dan Cervone2667 days Luke Szklarz1971 days
Sterling Neblett1043 days Eddie Lovins2168 days Sam Rodrigues1867 days
Derek Clark716 days Rayan I.2016 days Daniel Coelho1605 days
Adam Bozon541 days Sam Rodrigues1862 days Craig McGrath1051 days
Randy Buikema482 days David Clemens1658 days Sterling Neblett1005 days
Gus Riolo406 days Daniel Coelho1616 days Dan Cervone954 days
Marc Rützou338 days Glen Stevens1579 days Karl Jobst889 days
Ryan W.269 days Craig McGrath1049 days Ludovic Begon879 days
Wouter Jansen152 days Sterling Neblett1043 days Derek Clark694 days
Dan Cervone147 days Karl Jobst935 days Brent McGarvey655 days
Eddie Lovins147 days Luke Szklarz764 days Jonathan Hauptman500 days
Chris Gonsalves45 days Derek Clark722 days Eddie Lovins455 days
Ben Gorman38 days Brent McGarvey640 days Gus Riolo374 days
Karl Jobst26 days Jonathan Hauptman507 days Rayan I.337 days
Garrett Sellati23 days Randy Buikema450 days Ilari Pekkala293 days
Carl-Magnus Wall21 days Gus Riolo382 days Daniel Dickens142 days
Greg Lavery14 days Guilherme Alberto317 days Ryan W.125 days
Peter Osterland2 days Ilari Pekkala298 days Wouter Jansen113 days
Trent H.< 1 day Wouter Jansen152 days Carl-Magnus Wall89 days
Adam Bozon146 days Ben Gorman76 days
Carl-Magnus Wall89 days Dan Parker65 days
Ryan W.58 days Samuel Scholten56 days
Ben Gorman38 days Randy Buikema33 days
Garrett Sellati27 days Simon Sternis12 days
Chris Gonsalves19 days Chris Gonsalves11 days
Greg Lavery6 days Leonardo Santos4 days
Dirk Olson4 days
Peter Osterland< 1 day
Trent H.< 1 day

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