Combined Duration of World Records on the Level dataDyne Central - Extraction

Up to December 13, 2019

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens3936 days David Clemens3381 days David Clemens2784 days
Takuya Kakizawa3345 days Bryan B.1121 days Bryan B.1117 days
Rayan I.2096 days Ludovic Begon950 days Ludovic Begon831 days
Bryan B.1581 days Rayan I.755 days Rayan I.762 days
Karl Jobst1540 days Vitor Miranda722 days Vitor Miranda721 days
Ludovic Begon1240 days Phil Hughes330 days Phil Hughes472 days
Jean-François Dubreuil1060 days Ricky Pusch279 days Simon Archambault247 days
Randy Buikema907 days Simon Archambault250 days Ben Gorman214 days
Vitor Miranda334 days Randy Buikema102 days Wes McKinney116 days
Ben Gorman176 days Wes McKinney91 days Takahiro Arai113 days
Ryan Dwyer143 days Karl Jobst46 days Greg Lavery37 days
Dan Parker75 days Ryan Dwyer34 days Steve Foy< 1 day
Ricky Pusch62 days Greg Lavery24 days
Nikolaj Sørensen56 days Trent H.8 days
Blake Carroll44 days
Simon Archambault34 days

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