Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Streets

Up to September 21, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Wouter Jansen4810 days Ryan W.5384 days Bryan B.4200 days
Ryan W.3766 days Bryan B.3057 days Ryan W.3660 days
Karl Jobst3357 days Randy Buikema2302 days Rayan I.3258 days
Ilari Pekkala3338 days Wouter Jansen2124 days Dan Cervone2659 days
Bryan B.2846 days Rayan I.2051 days David Clemens2561 days
Randy Buikema2608 days Dan Cervone1925 days Wouter Jansen2210 days
Marc Rützou2127 days David Clemens1742 days Aaron Morgan1852 days
Sterling Neblett2039 days Aaron Morgan1589 days Marc Rützou1358 days
Aaron Morgan1785 days Takahiro Arai1478 days David Witten1348 days
Luke Szklarz1729 days Trent H.1053 days Ilari Pekkala1332 days
David Clemens1671 days Sterling Neblett1050 days Michael Kirkness1277 days
Eddie Lovins1664 days Ilari Pekkala1040 days Trent H.1151 days
Jezz Savage1657 days Graham Morris1032 days Jimmy Bauer1132 days
Greg Woll1634 days Henrik Norgren977 days Graham Morris1131 days
Rayan I.1578 days Brandon Sanford851 days Henrik Norgren1114 days
Dan Cervone1535 days Mike Gaydeski734 days Sterling Neblett1104 days
Daniel Dickens1531 days Marc Rützou705 days Karl Jobst1066 days
Garrett Sellati1519 days Bob Aunan596 days Brandon Sanford961 days
Glen Stevens1489 days Wes McKinney596 days Randy Buikema937 days
Adam Moore1411 days David Witten564 days Luke Szklarz875 days
Peter Osterland1409 days Michael Kirkness564 days Ryan Lockwood862 days
Derek Clark1351 days Eddie Lovins401 days Mike Gaydeski688 days
Matthijs ten Ham1327 days Karl Jobst371 days Jim Barrett644 days
Harvey Manhood1086 days Greg Woll328 days Daniel Coelho551 days
Graham Morris1040 days Steven Haley321 days Eddie Lovins502 days
John Kaleta1006 days Glen Stevens241 days Philip Bezgoubov500 days
David Witten959 days Luke Szklarz241 days Ryan Koch423 days
Shawn Johnson851 days Guilherme Alberto238 days Steven Haley421 days
Brandon Sanford811 days Leonardo Santos233 days Jonathan Hotinski354 days
Ryan Lockwood803 days Jimmy Bauer225 days Oscar Pleininger352 days
Takahiro Arai770 days Cliff Hampton212 days Glen Stevens339 days
Jimmy Bauer758 days Ryan Lockwood209 days Guilherme Alberto336 days
Ryan Koch758 days Tim Greneby177 days Leonardo Santos333 days
Patrick Wessels745 days Rafael Lanfredi173 days Cliff Hampton287 days
Steven Zwartjes745 days Steven Zwartjes146 days Rafael Lanfredi273 days
Tyler Probert731 days Patrik Nilsson121 days Patrik Nilsson220 days
Dan Berube722 days Derek Clark75 days Dan Parker200 days
Jim Barrett711 days Chris Rayola73 days Steven Zwartjes199 days
Trent H.699 days Garrett Sellati71 days Mike Mint188 days
Tim Greneby695 days Matthijs ten Ham68 days Ludovic Begon185 days
Cliff Hampton640 days Ben Gorman57 days Rich Noe143 days
Tim Dubovsky592 days Shawn Johnson51 days Ben Gorman111 days
Mike Gaydeski547 days Peter Osterland43 days Shawn Johnson105 days
Martin Bauer507 days Philip Bezgoubov43 days Garrett Sellati100 days
Irie Butler493 days John Kaleta37 days Gus Riolo96 days
Henrik Norgren469 days Dirk Olson35 days Matthijs ten Ham95 days
Mike Mint460 days Ryan Honkonen28 days Daniel Dickens79 days
Samuel Scholten433 days Greg Lavery13 days Justin St-Pierre75 days
Wes McKinney433 days Jim Barrett2 days Axel Zakrisson69 days
Daniel Coelho395 days Adam Moore1 day Ryan Honkonen67 days
Greg Lewis385 days Øyvind Persvik62 days
Axel Zakrisson359 days Peter Osterland49 days
Emile Broekhuizen331 days Jeff Martin45 days
Alex Anderson312 days Matthew Burden41 days
Eise S.311 days Derek Clark37 days
Dan Dykstra234 days Jezz Savage31 days
Greg Lavery218 days Marc Williams31 days
Bob Aunan212 days Adam Moore28 days
Graeme Faulds212 days John Kaleta22 days
Guilherme Alberto203 days Greg Lavery21 days
Axel Andersson202 days Harvey Manhood19 days
Austin P.182 days
Carl-Magnus Wall152 days
Adam Matis143 days
Adam Bozon87 days
Oscar Pleininger34 days
Claude Boucher24 days
Justin St-Pierre11 days
Josh Schwarz8 days

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