Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Egyptian

Up to August 06, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens3908 days David Clemens4060 days David Clemens4067 days
Rayan I.3008 days Rayan I.3743 days Bryan B.3528 days
Bryan B.2390 days Bryan B.3409 days Rayan I.3054 days
Michael Kirkness1847 days Marc Rützou2092 days Wouter Jansen2444 days
Marc Rützou1831 days Ilari Pekkala1981 days Marc Rützou2090 days
Karl Jobst1752 days Wouter Jansen1922 days Jimmy Bauer1760 days
Luke Szklarz1286 days Jimmy Bauer1768 days Ryan Lockwood1504 days
Philip Bezgoubov1252 days Ryan Lockwood1523 days Luke Szklarz1449 days
Daniel Coelho1244 days Luke Szklarz1478 days Daniel Coelho1431 days
Jimmy Bauer1231 days Daniel Coelho1427 days Ilari Pekkala1126 days
Wouter Jansen1117 days Sterling Neblett1282 days Sterling Neblett918 days
Ilari Pekkala1040 days Jim Barrett1163 days Dan Parker850 days
Hayden King734 days Dan Parker842 days Hayden King744 days
Derek Clark697 days Hayden King745 days Ryan Koch390 days
Dan Parker692 days Alex Anderson553 days Randy Buikema295 days
Sterling Neblett590 days Ryan Koch431 days Greg Lavery290 days
Alex Anderson417 days Randy Buikema386 days Michael Kirkness247 days
Guilherme Alberto403 days Karl Jobst368 days Karl Jobst217 days
Randy Buikema401 days Michael Kirkness316 days Greg Woll187 days
Peter Osterland351 days Greg Lavery203 days Derek Clark166 days
Greg Lavery312 days Ryan W.163 days Peter Osterland88 days
Oscar Pleininger289 days Derek Clark157 days Alex Anderson63 days
Ryan W.206 days Greg Woll95 days Ryan W.63 days
Greg Woll193 days Peter Osterland83 days Guilherme Alberto54 days
Joe F.142 days Guilherme Alberto62 days Garrett Sellati22 days
Dan Dykstra120 days Dan Dykstra23 days
Samuel Haycock106 days Matthijs ten Ham1 day
Matthijs ten Ham96 days
Tim Greneby67 days
Dan Cervone45 days
Adam Moore2 days

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