Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Chicago - Stealth

Up to September 19, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens4687 days David Clemens4446 days Rayan I.3980 days
Randy Buikema3862 days Karl Jobst3692 days Karl Jobst3287 days
Karl Jobst3130 days Rayan I.3480 days David Clemens3132 days
Bryan B.2902 days Bryan B.3281 days Takahiro Arai2393 days
Greg Lewis2902 days Rodrigo Toledo1939 days Takuya Kakizawa2018 days
Ryan Dwyer2644 days Takuya Kakizawa1582 days Bryan B.1801 days
Simon Archambault2510 days José Tavares1568 days Chuya Takizawa1758 days
Vitor Miranda2289 days Ilari Pekkala1538 days José Tavares1553 days
Rodrigo Toledo2226 days Randy Buikema1276 days Ilari Pekkala1525 days
Wouter Jansen2196 days Otto Oksman1196 days Joris Quevedo1035 days
Diogo Azevedo Pinto2164 days Joris Quevedo1035 days Marcus Dolejsi640 days
Rayan I.2073 days Michael W.849 days Michael W.489 days
Ilari Pekkala1882 days Karl M.826 days Karl M.478 days
David Kovaz1818 days Blake Carroll796 days Blake Carroll454 days
Jimmy Bauer1647 days Nikolaj Sørensen721 days Ludovic Begon442 days
Henning Blom1642 days Simon Archambault692 days Daniel Carrington377 days
Otto Oksman1594 days Daniel Carrington688 days Nikolaj Sørensen371 days
Takahiro Arai1537 days Max Bout618 days Paul Murell288 days
Max Bout1494 days Curtis Jackson502 days Randy Buikema278 days
Hugo van der Wolk1212 days Paul Murell407 days Randy Chapman235 days
Joris Quevedo1111 days Dan Parker392 days Claude Boucher186 days
Nikolaj Sørensen956 days Marcus Dolejsi366 days Phil Hughes184 days
Curtis Jackson740 days Ben Gorman351 days Ben Gorman138 days
Takuya Kakizawa692 days Stephen Ghiandoni349 days Otto Oksman67 days
Kenji Hayashi615 days Craig McGrath325 days Simon Archambault48 days
Ben Gorman599 days Mathieu de carufel300 days James Bird47 days
Chris Rayola599 days Randy Chapman293 days Dan Parker12 days
Steve Patterson591 days Michael Lightbody285 days
Dirk Olson585 days Craig Makepeace282 days
Greg Lavery585 days Claude Boucher272 days
Christoph Kohlbach574 days Chris Rayola267 days
Chuya Takizawa519 days Phil Hughes267 days
AT Allianz518 days Ludovic Begon253 days
Karl M.512 days Jim Söderlund250 days
Steve Foy508 days Gary Carney247 days
Derek Kisman452 days Greg Lewis237 days
Ricky Pusch451 days Chuya Takizawa217 days
Phil Hughes441 days Ryan Dwyer181 days
Paul Williams362 days Leo Perna154 days
Claude Boucher361 days Will Xelever56 days
Matt Van Oostenburg291 days James Bird55 days
Fabien M290 days Keith MacWhirter52 days
Dan Edeen282 days Michael Burden50 days
Keith MacWhirter266 days Graham Morris47 days
Vincent Rolin253 days Vincent Rolin40 days
James Bird237 days Vitor Miranda15 days
Jason Cerella226 days Takahiro Arai5 days
Will Xelever211 days
P. Pounder172 days
Randy Chapman172 days
Michael Burden157 days
José Tavares124 days
Dan Dann116 days
Josh Lay88 days
Kenny Hill88 days
Anaël Raffin78 days
Sam Hughes43 days
Scott Berger41 days
Graham Morris40 days
Icy Guy18 days

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