Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Depot

Up to September 24, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens5095 days Wouter Jansen4015 days Wouter Jansen3879 days
Bryan B.4710 days Rayan I.2588 days Bryan B.2652 days
Karl Jobst4139 days Ryan W.2524 days Rayan I.2482 days
Luke Szklarz4107 days David Clemens2041 days David Clemens1685 days
Wouter Jansen3501 days Bryan B.1900 days Daniel Coelho1286 days
Peter Osterland3361 days Sam Rodrigues1362 days Jimmy Bauer1259 days
Matthijs ten Ham3289 days Karl Jobst1316 days Ryan W.998 days
Rayan I.3168 days Daniel Coelho1152 days Sam Rodrigues881 days
Adam Moore3161 days Dan Cervone1082 days Luke Szklarz872 days
Harvey Manhood3062 days Gus Riolo892 days Karl Jobst817 days
Tyler P.2838 days Joris Quevedo805 days Gus Riolo724 days
Jimmy Bauer2739 days Luke Szklarz613 days Greg Lavery403 days
Henrik Norgren2717 days Jimmy Bauer571 days Dan Parker388 days
Dan Berube2715 days Charles Bayard557 days Randy Buikema363 days
Graham Morris2711 days Randy Buikema394 days Steven Zwartjes327 days
Ryan Lockwood2618 days Steven Zwartjes326 days Tim Greneby296 days
Philip Bezgoubov2342 days Eric Bond319 days Joris Quevedo137 days
Sam Rodrigues2339 days Sterling Neblett309 days Taylor v.27 days
Dan Cervone2268 days Janne Pitkänen270 days
Jim Barrett2268 days Narcissa Wright238 days
Tim Dubovsky2266 days Michael Kirkness234 days
Axel Andersson2264 days Ryan Lockwood227 days
Trent H.2247 days Alec M.221 days
Alex Anderson2146 days Dirk Olson91 days
Michael Kirkness2086 days Greg Lavery90 days
Greg Lewis2019 days Ben Gorman82 days
Adam Matis1978 days Wes McKinney82 days
Ryan W.1978 days Graham Morris68 days
Laercio Rodolfo1934 days Taylor v.66 days
Ilari Pekkala1933 days Samuel Scholten51 days
Patrik Nilsson1923 days Ilari Pekkala39 days
Randy Buikema1862 days Jim Barrett20 days
Mike Gaydeski1821 days Matthijs ten Ham14 days
Brandon Sanford1806 days Dan Dykstra8 days
Eddie Lovins1732 days Tim Greneby1 day
Stefan Persson1636 days
Sterling Neblett1531 days
Jared Kirkness1519 days
Arnaud Nativel1470 days
Simon Sternis1470 days
Leonardo Santos1458 days
Ryan Koch1417 days
Rafael Lanfredi1409 days
Steven Haley1390 days
Greg Larkin1387 days
Cliff Hampton1360 days
Glen Stevens1268 days
Axel Zakrisson1231 days
Graham Maddocks1181 days
Emile Broekhuizen1180 days
Joris Quevedo1160 days
Daniel Coelho1016 days
Greg Woll759 days
Nick Rotmeyer748 days
Patrick Zalesky688 days
Wes McKinney680 days
Eise S.679 days
Tim Greneby670 days
Shawn Johnson617 days
Greg Lavery560 days
Ben Gorman550 days
Takahiro Arai550 days
Ryan Honkonen536 days
Garrett Sellati532 days
Chris Rayola520 days
Gus Riolo502 days
Dirk Olson489 days
Adam Durkacz483 days
Steven Zwartjes473 days
Charles Bayard468 days
Irie Butler466 days
Dan Dykstra459 days
Chris Leon437 days
Max Bout425 days
Derek Clark421 days
Marcus Dolejsi362 days
Samuel Haycock358 days
Josh Schwarz357 days
Timmy Johansson356 days
Troy Noojin349 days
Adam Bozon345 days
Marc Rützou343 days
Eric P340 days
José Tavares323 days
Zack B303 days
Eric Bond286 days
Stephen Chan258 days
Adam English231 days
Patrick Laakso231 days
Martijn Kool221 days
Kyle Blair172 days
David Witten169 days
Janne Pitkänen124 days
Jim Söderlund90 days
Narcissa Wright89 days
Michael Burden77 days
Simon Archambault62 days
Chuya Takizawa58 days
Roger Zylstra44 days
Scott Berger40 days
Bryan Youse38 days
Aaron Enszer23 days

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