Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Frigate

Up to September 22, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Wouter Jansen6558 days Luke Pettit2584 days David Clemens2671 days
Bryan B.4904 days David Clemens1756 days Luke Pettit2394 days
Rayan I.4229 days Wouter Jansen1514 days Wouter Jansen2080 days
David Clemens3605 days Bryan B.1259 days Bryan B.966 days
Karl Jobst2265 days Ryan W.972 days Alex Anderson810 days
Henrik Norgren1661 days Sterling Neblett951 days Rayan I.587 days
Daniel Coelho1325 days Rayan I.725 days Dan Parker494 days
Aaron Morgan1298 days Dan Cervone185 days Ryan W.444 days
Sterling Neblett1147 days Eise S.77 days Sterling Neblett434 days
Sam Rodrigues1137 days Karl Jobst54 days Jonathan Hauptman255 days
Justin St-Pierre1062 days Derek Clark50 days Dan Cervone210 days
Luke Szklarz1054 days Garrett Sellati31 days Luke Szklarz178 days
Dan Parker1011 days Alex Anderson20 days
Graeme Faulds522 days
Patrick Laakso454 days
Tyler Deel411 days
Jonathan Hauptman389 days
Eddie Lovins373 days
Ryan Gibbs332 days
Alex Anderson243 days
Vitor Miranda242 days
Gus Riolo241 days
Matthew Burden224 days
Jim Barrett215 days
Randy Buikema212 days
Charlie Yeudall179 days
Greg Lavery167 days
Matthijs ten Ham83 days
Eise S.82 days
Tim Greneby80 days
Oscar Pleininger57 days
Derek Clark44 days
Ben Gorman34 days
James Greening32 days

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