Combined Duration of World Records on the Level WAR!

Up to July 16, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Karl Jobst6451 days Rayan I.3364 days Rayan I.3373 days
Rayan I.5379 days Bryan B.2804 days Bryan B.2571 days
David Kovaz5052 days Karl Jobst2641 days Karl Jobst2550 days
Henning Blom4866 days Ryan Dwyer1250 days Chris Rayola1101 days
Wouter Jansen4662 days Josh Lay485 days David Kovaz689 days
Takuya Kakizawa3684 days Jim Söderlund452 days Sam Fisher224 days
Bryan B.3504 days Chris Rayola413 days David Gibbons146 days
Takahiro Arai2973 days Takahiro Arai333 days Wes McKinney120 days
Ilari Pekkala2967 days Randy Buikema308 days Randy Buikema99 days
Jezz Savage1465 days Wouter Jansen264 days Ben Gorman76 days
Ludovic Begon945 days Sam Fisher253 days
Madoka Kaname938 days David Kovaz235 days
Simon Archambault834 days Michael Lightbody186 days
MODnike830 days Wes McKinney184 days
Randy Buikema710 days Claude Boucher169 days
Wyatt Inverness Glover653 days
Michael Burden625 days
Derek Kisman608 days
Chris Rayola601 days
Josh Lay601 days
Dan Parker590 days
Ben Gorman551 days
Daniel Coelho517 days
Austin H515 days
Kev B.470 days
Marcus Dolejsi467 days
Claude Boucher464 days
Josh Heuer464 days
Phil Hughes463 days
Jim Söderlund460 days
Gary Carney457 days
Nikolaj Sørensen422 days
Sam Fisher418 days
Alka Maass404 days
Chris Leon396 days
Blake Carroll350 days
Sam Hughes303 days
Jean-François Dubreuil299 days
Tyler Deel268 days
Keith MacWhirter234 days
Kyle Wiebenga228 days
Michael Willig226 days
Karl M.204 days
Stephen Ghiandoni181 days
Ryan Dwyer117 days
Graham Morris99 days
Michael Lightbody93 days
Anaël Raffin65 days
Dan Dann57 days
Eric Liikala33 days
Vitor Miranda32 days
Jarad Herbert6 days

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