Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Air Base - Espionage

Up to December 08, 2019

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Dan Cervone3971 days David Clemens2500 days Rayan I.2773 days
David Clemens3576 days Takahiro Arai2262 days Jean-François Dubreuil2252 days
Karl Jobst3410 days Karl Jobst1664 days Takuya Kakizawa1433 days
Ilari Pekkala3372 days Ryan Dwyer1599 days Max Bout1191 days
Takahiro Arai2823 days Bryan B.1556 days Takahiro Arai834 days
Ryan Dwyer2132 days Ludovic Begon1527 days Ludovic Begon542 days
Bryan B.2048 days Greg Lewis1348 days Ben Gorman364 days
Takuya Kakizawa1839 days Matt Cook683 days Randy Buikema273 days
Greg Lewis1815 days Rayan I.632 days Greg Lavery197 days
Graham Morris1811 days Jean-François Dubreuil377 days Ilari Pekkala148 days
Rodrigo Toledo1628 days Randy Buikema221 days Steve Foy68 days
Rayan I.1564 days Phil Hughes191 days Karl Jobst5 days
Vitor Miranda1452 days Ilari Pekkala165 days
Ludovic Begon1419 days Max Bout153 days
Randy Buikema1063 days Derek Kisman134 days
Jean-François Dubreuil670 days Ben Gorman89 days
Claude Boucher666 days Greg Lavery86 days
Philippe Leclerc665 days Dirk Olson7 days
Max Bout565 days Marcus Dolejsi6 days
Greg Lavery209 days Gary Carney< 1 day
Ben Gorman155 days Steve Foy< 1 day
Derek Kisman129 days
Blake Carroll65 days
Ricky Pusch42 days
Nikolaj Sørensen23 days
Dan Parker20 days
Phil Hughes11 days

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