Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Jungle

Up to September 19, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Rayan I.4095 days Rayan I.3772 days Rayan I.3799 days
Ilari Pekkala3805 days Ilari Pekkala2074 days Ilari Pekkala2070 days
David Clemens2706 days Karl Jobst1167 days Wouter Jansen2044 days
Wouter Jansen2358 days Bryan B.955 days Luke Szklarz1179 days
Marc Rützou1978 days Wouter Jansen722 days Marc Rützou977 days
Karl Jobst1959 days Joris Quevedo531 days David Clemens652 days
Graham Morris1140 days Luke Szklarz522 days Karl Jobst593 days
Bryan B.1007 days Steven Zwartjes454 days Joris Quevedo520 days
Luke Szklarz955 days David Clemens426 days Steven Zwartjes454 days
Irie Butler713 days Daniel Coelho410 days Daniel Coelho426 days
Daniel Coelho561 days Sterling Neblett314 days Sterling Neblett285 days
Joris Quevedo544 days Irie Butler128 days Irie Butler214 days
Patrick Wessels418 days Tim Greneby85 days Bryan B.78 days
Janne Pitkänen301 days Janne Pitkänen71 days
Tim Greneby210 days Ryan W.19 days
Oscar Pleininger151 days
Dan Parker82 days
Eise S.59 days
Ryan W.39 days
Sterling Neblett37 days
Adam Matis21 days
Randy Buikema5 days
Adam Moore< 1 day

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