Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Caverns

Up to December 14, 2019

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens4572 days David Clemens3672 days David Clemens1937 days
Wouter Jansen4036 days Wouter Jansen2139 days Rayan I.1866 days
Bryan B.3783 days Luke Szklarz2094 days Wouter Jansen1686 days
Marc Rützou3741 days Rayan I.1573 days Daniel Coelho1197 days
Rayan I.3434 days Bryan B.1513 days Marc Rützou938 days
Luke Szklarz2687 days Marc Rützou851 days Steven Zwartjes838 days
Ben Southward2099 days Steven Zwartjes454 days Tim Greneby468 days
Randy Buikema2073 days Jim Barrett397 days Bryan B.367 days
Garrett Sellati2004 days Mike Martin396 days Ilari Pekkala270 days
Ilari Pekkala1937 days Ilari Pekkala352 days Luke Szklarz206 days
Ryan W.1927 days Ryan W.348 days Greg Lewis185 days
Tim Greneby1908 days Adam Moore166 days Mike Martin179 days
Henrik Norgren1836 days Sterling Neblett101 days Karl Jobst32 days
Matthijs ten Ham1746 days Tim Greneby95 days Graham Morris17 days
Harvey Manhood1589 days Greg Lewis83 days David Gibbons10 days
Daniel Coelho1574 days Randy Buikema79 days Sterling Neblett9 days
Graham Morris1507 days Dan Cervone77 days Steve Foy1 day
Jim Barrett1470 days Karl Jobst67 days
Karl Jobst1312 days Daniel Coelho60 days
Greg Lewis1253 days Graham Morris20 days
Trent H.1246 days Michael Kirkness5 days
Dan Cervone1242 days
Glen Stevens1085 days
Adam Moore1045 days
Dan Parker1012 days
Peter Osterland911 days
Brandon Sanford890 days
Ryan Gibbs863 days
Jimmy Bauer710 days
Tyler Deel698 days
Patrik Nilsson661 days
Sterling Neblett660 days
Steven Zwartjes444 days
Adam Matis439 days
Graeme Faulds433 days
Wes McKinney433 days
Michael Kirkness419 days
Mike Martin400 days
Leonardo Santos361 days
Greg Larkin359 days
Alex Anderson358 days
Rafael Lanfredi352 days
Mike Gaydeski349 days
Laercio Rodolfo303 days
Guilherme Alberto254 days
Gus Riolo247 days
Joris Quevedo230 days
Mike Mckelvey203 days
Mike Mint177 days
Oscar Pleininger174 days
Irie Butler154 days
Josh Saunders142 days
Ben Gorman123 days
Kev B.54 days
Andrew Wash45 days
Greg Lavery44 days
Derek Clark28 days
Dirk Olson20 days
Greg Woll17 days
Timmy Johansson16 days

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