Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Bunker 2

Up to February 27, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Rayan I.3890 days David Clemens4520 days Rayan I.3746 days
David Clemens3847 days Rayan I.2544 days David Clemens1978 days
Bryan B.3714 days Bryan B.1234 days Bryan B.1137 days
Marc Rützou3701 days Karl Jobst756 days Wouter Jansen849 days
Karl Jobst2857 days Greg Lavery636 days Ludovic Begon808 days
Alex Anderson2210 days Randy Buikema636 days Sterling Neblett791 days
Dan Cervone1845 days Alex Anderson539 days Marc Rützou713 days
Randy Buikema1139 days Steven Zwartjes454 days Randy Buikema294 days
Ilari Pekkala1117 days Wouter Jansen381 days Tim Greneby157 days
Jimmy Bauer1084 days Sterling Neblett309 days Steven Zwartjes121 days
Patrick Wessels1016 days Wes McKinney121 days Greg Lavery32 days
Eise S.637 days Tim Greneby38 days Eise S.29 days
Wouter Jansen491 days Ben Gorman16 days Karl Jobst1 day
Graeme Faulds344 days Eise S.3 days
Joris Quevedo259 days
Graham Morris206 days
Sterling Neblett188 days
Jim Barrett160 days
Peter Osterland125 days
Greg Lavery97 days
Carl-Magnus Wall84 days
Ben Gorman81 days
Matthijs ten Ham61 days
Tim Greneby57 days
Wes McKinney49 days
Trent H.39 days
Luke Szklarz31 days
Guilherme Alberto30 days
Ryan Koch30 days
Ryan W.28 days
David Witten17 days
Ryan Honkonen5 days
Garrett Sellati2 days
Dirk Olson1 day

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