Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Archives

Up to September 22, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Wouter Jansen6584 days Bryan B.5418 days Bryan B.5414 days
Karl Jobst6052 days Rayan I.4126 days Rayan I.4115 days
Bryan B.5634 days David Clemens3994 days David Clemens3992 days
Henrik Norgren5005 days Karl Jobst3669 days Jimmy Bauer3723 days
Randy Buikema4529 days Jimmy Bauer3301 days Karl Jobst3328 days
Alex Anderson4380 days Henrik Norgren2796 days Henrik Norgren2788 days
Michael Kirkness4377 days Marc Rützou2669 days Marc Rützou2671 days
Ilari Pekkala4348 days Wouter Jansen2233 days Wouter Jansen2248 days
Adam Moore4341 days Ryan W.2016 days Ryan W.2001 days
Ryan W.4198 days Alex Anderson1962 days Alex Anderson1959 days
Jimmy Bauer4188 days Jim Barrett1808 days Michael Kirkness1800 days
Simon Sternis4157 days Gus Riolo1743 days Jim Barrett1772 days
Rayan I.4112 days Ryan Lockwood1722 days Gus Riolo1742 days
Dan Cervone4045 days Luke Szklarz1721 days Luke Szklarz1720 days
David Clemens4000 days Daniel Coelho1683 days Ryan Lockwood1719 days
Leonardo Santos3984 days Stefan Persson1644 days Daniel Coelho1664 days
Rafael Lanfredi3984 days Michael Kirkness1611 days Stefan Persson1467 days
Glen Stevens3958 days Eise S.1540 days Eise S.1457 days
Arnaud Nativel3938 days Ilari Pekkala1307 days Ilari Pekkala1295 days
Guilherme Alberto3931 days Ryan Koch1205 days Ryan Koch1170 days
Luke Szklarz3840 days Philip Bezgoubov1163 days Dan Parker1106 days
Eddie Lovins3651 days Dan Parker1120 days Philip Bezgoubov1078 days
Cliff Hampton3633 days Sam Rodrigues1058 days Sam Rodrigues1054 days
Patrik Nilsson3566 days Dan Cervone967 days Dan Cervone964 days
Axel Zakrisson3450 days Justin St-Pierre815 days Justin St-Pierre813 days
Jim Barrett3409 days Randy Buikema788 days Randy Buikema762 days
Ryan Lockwood3328 days Sterling Neblett741 days Sterling Neblett730 days
Shawn Johnson3262 days Oscar Pleininger696 days Oscar Pleininger693 days
Greg Woll3051 days Ryan Gibbs622 days Carl-Magnus Wall557 days
Marc Rützou3051 days Tyler Deel556 days Tyler Deel554 days
Ryan Koch2876 days Simon Sternis493 days Ryan Gibbs498 days
Eise S.2820 days Carl-Magnus Wall466 days Simon Sternis491 days
Trent H.2277 days Greg Lavery455 days Steven Zwartjes433 days
Daniel Coelho2032 days Steven Zwartjes443 days Wes McKinney432 days
Gus Riolo1928 days Wes McKinney432 days Leonardo Santos314 days
David Witten1915 days Leonardo Santos316 days Glen Stevens301 days
Luke Pettit1832 days Glen Stevens303 days Greg Lewis297 days
Gregor Degenhart1742 days Greg Lewis299 days Adam Matis289 days
Stefan Persson1717 days Adam Matis297 days Rafael Lanfredi285 days
Adrian Axelsson1636 days Rafael Lanfredi288 days Joris Quevedo247 days
Philip Bezgoubov1468 days Joris Quevedo257 days Ludovic Begon245 days
Sterling Neblett1417 days Ludovic Begon247 days Guilherme Alberto236 days
Oliver Nicholls1407 days Guilherme Alberto244 days Aaron Morgan198 days
Nick Rotmeyer1377 days Aaron Morgan196 days Matthijs ten Ham92 days
Eric Bond1349 days Matthijs ten Ham97 days Samuel Haycock77 days
Brian Dupont1287 days Samuel Haycock79 days Adam Moore15 days
Sam Rodrigues1280 days Adam Moore13 days Sakuya A4 days
Justin St-Pierre1260 days Sakuya A8 days
Alec M.1253 days
Dan Parker1197 days
Jonathan Hotinski1194 days
Walton Mattei1177 days
Chebon Shayen1154 days
Austin P.1140 days
Oscar Pleininger1130 days
Wes McKinney1086 days
Matthew Burden1083 days
Taylor v.1062 days
Nick Franks1054 days
Alex Carvalho1049 days
Cameron Heiniger1029 days
Aaron Morgan1026 days
Logan Jordon998 days
João Andrade977 days
Tyler Deel946 days
Sakuya A920 days
Rich Noe919 days
Narcissa Wright889 days
Aaron Enszer883 days
Carl-Magnus Wall865 days
Ludovic Begon770 days
Tim Greneby759 days
Daniel Dickens755 days
Steven Zwartjes739 days
Jezz Savage730 days
Marc Williams730 days
Ryan Gibbs721 days
Matthijs ten Ham712 days
John Horton699 days
Ben Gorman667 days
Kyle Wiebenga631 days
Greg Lavery625 days
Garrett Sellati583 days
Dan Dykstra537 days
Dirk Olson527 days
Adam Matis516 days
Peter Osterland508 days
Samuel Haycock491 days
Joris Quevedo489 days
Harvey Manhood464 days
Derek Clark463 days
Jim Söderlund436 days
James Dalziel379 days
Adam English349 days
Glen McDiarmid349 days
Greg Larkin330 days
Craig McGrath310 days
Axel Andersson297 days
Randy Chapman297 days
Graham Morris292 days
Vitor Miranda292 days
Austin H263 days
Jolain Goulette239 days
Eric Liikala232 days
Martijn Kool213 days
John Lewis186 days
Jeff Martin174 days
Harry Van Dort170 days
Harry Coupe169 days
Claude Boucher161 days
Timmy Johansson154 days
Stefan Bangen135 days
Huzaifa P132 days
Irie Butler119 days
Anaël Raffin93 days
Bryan Youse92 days
Simon Archambault89 days
Henry Rodriguez77 days
Madoka Kaname77 days
Aaron Scott72 days
Peter Linck69 days
Stephen Chan60 days
Brent McGarvey51 days
Glan Ivin35 days
Andrew Wash31 days
Jonathan Hauptman30 days
Charlie Yeudall22 days
Taylor Harris2 days

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