Combined Duration of World Records on the Level dataDyne Research - Investigation

Up to September 22, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Ilari Pekkala3886 days Bryan B.3218 days David Clemens3676 days
Karl Jobst2600 days Ilari Pekkala3192 days Rayan I.3223 days
Bryan B.2032 days David Clemens1857 days Takahiro Arai2750 days
David Clemens1930 days Karl Jobst1046 days Bryan B.1381 days
Rayan I.1026 days Diogo Azevedo Pinto644 days Ryan Dwyer1319 days
Ben Gorman639 days Ryan Dwyer620 days Karl Jobst874 days
Josh Schwarz561 days Phil Hughes436 days Ben Gorman744 days
Scott Berger509 days Ben Gorman430 days Ludovic Begon743 days
Marcus Dolejsi499 days Claude Boucher419 days Matt Cook8 days
David Fourn492 days Rayan I.378 days Steve Foy1 day
Randy Buikema485 days Simon Archambault318 days
Chris Rayola475 days Josh Fronkner224 days
Matt Young459 days Jean-François Dubreuil203 days
Ryan Dwyer436 days Marcus Dolejsi199 days
Nikolaj Sørensen271 days Randy Buikema150 days
Craig Makepeace101 days Chris Rayola146 days
Michael W.11 days Vincent Rolin145 days
Simon Archambault2 days Greg Lavery37 days
Boris Dubbeldam20 days
Ricky Pusch19 days
Steve Foy13 days

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