Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Control

Up to September 19, 2021

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
Rayan I.4474 days Rayan I.4828 days Rayan I.4598 days
David Clemens4318 days David Clemens1897 days David Clemens2077 days
Bryan B.2225 days Bryan B.1819 days Bryan B.1644 days
Ilari Pekkala1668 days Steven Zwartjes631 days Steven Zwartjes1248 days
Daniel Coelho1514 days Randy Buikema608 days Marc Rützou446 days
Luke Szklarz1253 days Sterling Neblett383 days Wouter Jansen245 days
Graeme Faulds522 days Marc Rützou276 days Graeme Faulds189 days
Sterling Neblett522 days Wouter Jansen258 days Sterling Neblett184 days
Randy Buikema500 days Tim Greneby21 days Randy Buikema50 days
Marc Rützou472 days Karl Jobst3 days Jim Barrett14 days
Steven Zwartjes454 days Luke Szklarz2 days Luke Szklarz3 days
Dan Cervone340 days Damian Coe1 day
Wouter Jansen291 days
Ben Gorman6 days
Jimmy Bauer6 days
Graham Morris3 days
Luke Pettit2 days
Ryan W.< 1 day

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