Combined Duration of World Records on the Level Area 51 - Infiltration

Up to April 10, 2020

Agent Secret/Special Agent 00/Perfect Agent
David Clemens4134 days Rayan I.4496 days Rayan I.1846 days
Rayan I.4023 days Matt Cook1830 days Bryan B.1360 days
Ryan Dwyer2955 days Marcus Dolejsi625 days Karl Jobst1348 days
Bryan B.2777 days Ludovic Begon501 days Ben Gorman1293 days
Karl Jobst2353 days Ryan Dwyer332 days Ryan Dwyer1209 days
Takahiro Arai1022 days Randy Buikema208 days Takahiro Arai1104 days
Takuya Kakizawa887 days Bryan B.87 days Matt Cook545 days
Chuya Takizawa693 days Ben Gorman68 days Gary Carney152 days
Derek Kisman686 days Takuya Kakizawa31 days Steve Foy84 days
Ilari Pekkala446 days Chris Rayola23 days Dirk Olson26 days
Michael Burden414 days Steven Zwartjes9 days Karl M.17 days
Randy Buikema409 days Gary Carney2 days Marcus Dolejsi9 days
Karl M.175 days Dirk Olson< 1 day David Gibbons4 days
Ben Gorman92 days
Rodrigo Toledo68 days
Kyle Wiebenga58 days
Joris Quevedo49 days
Nikolaj Sørensen45 days
Charlie Yeudall40 days
Dan Parker32 days
Stephen Ghiandoni23 days
Matt Young19 days
Dan Cervone1 day

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